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NEW Album CD's are now available at the Piano!!!

Ian Hooper has released a new album, exclusively on CD and comes with a digital download copy for those who don't have a CD player or prefer to listen on their devices.


Piano Bar Hits Volume 1 is currently available exclusively at live shows.. Purchases can be made in person by the piano. Card payments are also available.

The new album is titled "Piano Bar Hits Volume 1" and consists of 10 popular song from Ian's live show performed in the studio. 

A digital release may be available at some point but at the moment, Piano Bar Hits Volume 1 is an exclusive limited release , intended as a memory of Ian's live piano bar performances.

If you would like to purchase the album, please contact Ian directly on this website.

New Album Coming Soon!

Ian Hooper will be releasing a new album available soon exclusively on CD and initially, only available at live shows! 


The new album will be titled "Piano Bar Hits Volume 1" and will consist of 10 popular song from Ian's live show performed in the studio.


CD units will be available at from the end of April 2023. Purchasers of the CD will also be given access to a digital copy for convenience. 

More news about the official release date will follow in the upcoming weeks.

Live Music Is Back!! 

After covid restrictions and travel are slowly beginning to ease, I'm excited to announce that I have some new live dates confirmed in both Switzerland and Norway !


Thanks to a collaboration with my Norwegian booking agent and the Norwegian Arts council stimulus program, it has been possible for me to play at 2 venues in Norway, in Tromso and Arendal between 27th August and 11th September 2021. 

Two further weekend dates in Norway might be possible in Norway during Autumn 2021. I will announce the dates and locations as soon as I have confirmation of the Autumn events. Please check my shows page for updates. :) 


I'm excited to announce that I will be once again playing at No.18 bar & restaurant in Winterthur, Switzerland from 14th - 30th September 2021! 


I will also announce many more dates in Switzerland during the winter season between December 2021 and April 2022 soon! :) 

Live Music Is Back Will Be Back Soon!

Due to new further Corona Virus restrictions in Switzerland, unfortunately, Ian will is not able to perform at the piano bar in Hotel Europe, Davos, Switzerland in January 2021. 


The piano bar in Davos is scheduled to re-open for live music from 1st March 2021 and Ian has been booked to play from 1st March until 3rd April 2021! 

Hopefully, lockdown restrictions are not extended in Switzerland at the end of February. Until then.. Ian is exited to be able to continue his live performances as soon as possible! 

Updates will be made on this website, as soon as it is possible to confirm re-opening dates!

In the mean time..  Please stay safe and well!! xxx

Live Music in Winterthur Switzerland!

Ian is excited to announce that he will be playing at the brand new bar/restaurant No18 in Winterthur, Switzerland until 19th December 2020!

Live performances will be from Tuesday - Saturday between 17:00pm - 23:00pm.. From 10th November until 19th December. When the current Covid 19 restrictions from bars/restaurants are lifted in Switzerland, new playing times will be announced..

Until then, the show must go on!! :))

If you are in the area of Winterthur, Switzerland, come by for a great mood and excellent food in the brand new and super popular No18!!

Live Music Is Back!!

After over 3 months of venue closures and various travel restrictions due to Covid 19, Ian is excited to announce that he will be performing again at Hotel Europe in Davos, Switzerland!

Ian will play from Tuesday to Saturday each week, starting on Friday 3rd July until Saturday 29th August 2020. Playing times are from 21.30pm - 02.30am.

Social distancing will be in place for all guests.

If you are in Switzerland and are able to come to Davos, We look forward to seeing you there! :)

Stay safe. xx

Ian will appear in a Film!

Ian is exited to announce that he will be appearing as the lead character in a new movie scheduled to be filmed in Norway this summer! ..New music from Ian will also be featured in the film.. More details will be coming soon..

New EP coming in 2018!!

Ian has started recording the first 2 songs of a new EP, which will be available as a limited edition physical CD at Ian's live gigs in early 2018. An online single release of Ian's song "Endless Time", will also be released in 2018 and will be included in the forthcoming EP. 

Songwriting Sessions in Trondheim, Norway! 

Ian is currently in the studio with Genc Records (sony) in Trondheim, Norway!  Ian will stay in Trondheim until Tuesday 10th October, working with the label as a songwriting collaborator on new songs for other artists.

Back in the Studio!

Ian has started production of a new song called 'Endless Time', which Ian has co-written with Norwegian Artist JFMee.

Updates about the song and plans for release will come soon!

4 Days until Albanifest!   27.04.17

Ian is exited to play again this year at 'Wagenshenke' at Albanifest in Winterhur, Switzerland on Saturday 1st July!

The live improvisation performance is open to anyone out & about in Winterhur during the festival. Party starts from 8pm until the early hours of the morning! 

P.S. The margarita's at Wagenshenke are recommended!

Ian Hooper will soon release new live performance dates. 

New international live performance dates will soon be announced via the Bands in town app.


 For the latest live performance updates and to see when Ian is next playing in your country or area, sign up to the mailing list or check out the 'shows' tab on this website.

Ian Hooper is now a verified Spotify Artist! 

If you're a user of Spotify, check out my brand new Artist profile Here: 

Soon back in the studio!

Ian is currently writing new songs to record and release through his own independent label. More news will follow soon..

Ian Hooper announces Live performance at Albanifest in Winterthur, Switzerland!

Ian will be playing again this summer on Saturday 1st July at Albanifest in Winterthur, Switzerland! 

If you're out and about at Albanifest on 1st July, come to 'Wagenshenke' to enjoy a fun party!  

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